4 Reasons You NEED Conveyors in your Cannabis Trimming Workflow

Every Mobius Trimmer M108s comes with an input hopper and output chute (collectively referred to as “shrouds.”) They work great, and are more than suitable for most operations. But for the very large LPs a more complete production line is necessary, and that includes using conveyors on both the input and output. The M108s is built to be used with conveyors with no modifications necessary, and here are 4 reasons why you should consider them for your operation:

  1. Loading consistency – With a conveyor in front of the M108s input, the product will always be fed into the machine consistently. A consistent feed helps you get a consistent product.
  2. Quality Control – Every operation needs at least one level (one employee) to conduct quality control. If you use a conveyor on the output (especially a wide one, like we recommend), it’s easier for QC techs to spot flowers that need a touch up. By using a conveyor, you can also add several layers of QC by staggering one, two, or even three QC techs along its length.
  3. Speed – Because there are no gaps or pauses while the machine is being fed, the result is a faster process. Simply adding a conveyor at the input can increase your speed by as much as 10%, without increasing labour costs.
  4. Control – With the Variable Function System, the M108s already provides an incredible amount of control for users. By adding our conveyors with speed control at both the input and output you are giving yourself and your harvesting operation even more control to dial in your production to your exact needs.

When you’re ready to pull the trigger on your Mobius Trimmer M108s consider including conveyors in the discussion. Contact us for more information, or visit the Automation page to see how the Mobius system can improve your workflow.

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