We love our tumblers. 

I guess it goes without saying that we love our Mobius Tension Tumblers. Heck, they’re our babies. They’re deceptively tough little guys. Made from over 300 feet of surgical-grade stainless steel aircraft cable — they’re powerful, they never rust, but they’re also flexible enough to handle a bump or two along the way. In short, they rock.

Turns out that some of our friends and Mobius users love the little guys too — maybe a little too much. Let me explain.

The rings of the Mobius Tension Tumbler are made with polyamide 6 plastic, providing structural integrity to the tumbler during operation and the right amount of flexibility for installation and removal. Like most plastics, polyamide 6 actually “breathes.” In other words, if it has enough moisture in it, it is flexible. However, if it is kept in an overly dry environment for too long, it can become brittle, and easily broken. Your tumbler is manufactured to thrive in most environments, so this actually won’t be a concern for most trim rooms. 

 Previously, we had asked our Mobius users to store their tumblers this way whenever they were not in use so that the rings would stay hydrated, but we have found that this is unnecessary in most trim environments. The tumbler only requires this step if the rings have become noticeably brittle and less flexible.

 So, don’t give your tumbler too much love and water — clean and sterilize your tumbler as you normally do, but stop worrying about storing it with water when not in use. If you happen to find your tumbler rings shrinking, or feeling less flexible, we recommend storing them over one night with a cap of water. This will bring the little guy right back to fighting form.



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