Commercial Cannabis Trimming: The Anatomy of A Test

Testing a cannabis trimming machine can be a daunting task. There are dozens of variables, and no standardized measurements or reporting for results. Put a layer of marketing exaggeration on top and you’ve got a pile of numbers that might sound impressive but are basically meaningless.

When testing the Mobius Trimmer M108, we wanted to cut through the noise and offer some real data that we hope will be useful in determining if the M108 is the right product for your facility. We’ve released the first two of what will be an on-going rollout of videos that show the M108 operating in real-world circumstances. To be able to show you the TRUE performance of the M108, we take the following measures:

  • Product that is used in our tests is not “pre-QC’d” to look better in the video, or make it easier to trim. It’s bucked off the plant, placed in a feeder bin, then goes directly into the machine. What it looks like going in is exactly what it looked like when it was bucked off the plant.

  • The colas (tops of the plant) are not removed before the flowers are fed into the machine. These are difficult for machines to trim, and are often removed before trimming to make the final product look better in a video.

  • For realistic comparison, we display the trimmed product at the end of each video WITHOUT any quality control. We always suggest some level of quality control on the output, but this also introduces another variable and makes comparison of performance more difficult, so for the sake of our videos, we don’t do QC. We do, however, indicate the level of quality control that would be needed for a particular batch. You can see this in the info next to the video or on the meters that are displayed throughout the video.

  • We present each batch with different end-product requirements. Some users require a tighter trim, some are focused on speed and a higher level of QC is acceptable, while others may prefer a shaggier trim, etc.

  • Every batch is timed and presented in real-time. You can see the clock in the lower right-hand corner.

  • Every test/video presented will be to fill a 76 litre bin. This is standardized so the tests can be easily compared.

 You can find the first several of our test videos HERE. We’ll be conducting more tests and adding more videos on an on-going basis. Is there a specific strain you’d like to see? Feel free to send us an email and let us know. We’ll put it on the to-do list!



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