How 6-Point Inspections Save The Day

Over the years we’ve learned a thing or two, and we’re only too happy to share these little nuggets of wisdom with you! Early on we discovered that the simple act of opening the M108S lid can cause the bed knives and spacer bars to unseat, especially after running product and getting resin all over everything. The bed knives and spacer bars can stick to the lid, enough to be slightly pulled out of their proper position. Mobius Trimmers are built to such precise tolerances that this can make a huge difference! But often this little bit goes unnoticed unless a proper 6-point inspection verifies that everything is where it should be.

Every time you open the lid of the M108S, upon closing the lid again, simply conduct a quick visual inspection of the relationship between the 3 bed knives and spacer bars, and the tumbler, at either end (thus 6 points). By verifying that everything is equidistant, you’re guaranteeing that your tumbler cables won’t get caught on a bed knife that perhaps didn’t get re-seated properly after opening and closing the lid.

Make the 6-Point Inspection part of your routine and sooner or later you’ll see for yourself what this 10-second piece of prevention is worth to you. Download a poster version of this guide to hang in your trim room.

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