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For the Next Generation of Cultivators


Cannabis cultivation demands grit. It takes innovation in the face of uncertainty — and a diverse set of skills to keep your business in the black, quarter after quarter.

With so many variables and market pressures, you need cannabis processing equipment that works as hard as you do to produce top-quality flower. Equipment you can rely on for speed, consistency, and the automation features established industries take for granted.

The Mobius Revolution

Mobius is built by a team of first-generation cannabis equipment engineers who are changing the game with the next generation of cannabis processing equipment — 100% redesigned from the ground up.

Before Mobius, the team's core founded several of the leading cannabis equipment brands still in the marketplace today. And while these machines revolutionized labor dynamics and made commercial production what it is today, we wanted more for the future.

We joined forces at Mobius to redesign and automate the future of cannabis harvesting with trimmers, buckers, conveyors, and sorters to meet today's production challenges — and tomorrow's opportunities.

What You Get With Mobius

Mobius equipment checks all the boxes — that’s why Mobius has become the global leader in just four short years. Our machines overcome every challenge of first-generation equipment with innovative solutions based on what’s most important for cultivators now.


Cup-Winning Flower Quality

Above all, you need a quality trim that preserves potency, bag appeal, and market value. Our trimmers limit contact with the flower to preserve high-value trichomes, and our entire line of automation equipment reduces the human errors that compromise quality and consistency.


Bold Equipment. Bold Guarantee.

Expect perfection with your Mobius equipment — or get 100% of your money back.

We’re so confident in the quality of our North American-built machines, we’ll refund your investment in full if you’re not fully delighted with its speed, ease of use, and product preservation.

Killer Customer Service

With Mobius, you get the five-star customer service that only a vertically integrated, North American company can provide.
When you choose Mobius, design services are free, and when you choose Mobius representative will arrive at your facility to configure the system and train your staff.
You’re protected by our one-year warranty and money-back satisfaction guarantee. And even years down the road, we’ll be available to help you troubleshoot your system and optimize your production floor.

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