Mobius Accessories

Supercharge Your Output

Tumbler & Brush Washer

 M108S Trimmer Compatible

The Mobius Tumbler & Brush Washer automatically cleans your AirThread Tension Tumbler and brush bar. In 5 minutes they will be deep cleaned to the same extent as soaking and scrubbing each item for 30 minutes.


 M108S Trimmer Compatible

A hot swap is the process where you change out the AirThread Tension Tumbler, bed knives, and helical blades mid trim session. The purpose is to restore optimal performance and keep trimming without stopping for a complete machine cleaning.

Bed Knife & Spacer Bar Rack

Compatible with the M108S Trimmer

This rack can safely store three bed knives and three spacer bars when not in use or secure three bed knives blade-up to help clean the stickiest of residue. It’s like having a second set of hands. They fit easily within our Soak & Store Tubs and can be submerged in your cleaning solution to easily scrub away resin and plant material.


Recommended quantity:

One rack per set of bed knives and spacer bars on site.

Helical Blade Storage Rack

 M108S Trimmer Compatible

This multi-purpose rack is designed to make cleaning the helical blade an absolute breeze. Plus, to help save time during a hot swap, this rack can alternatively house three full TriFlex Blade cartridges, made up of a helical blade, a spacer bar, and a bed knife.


Recommended quantity:

One rack for each set of helical blades on-site.

Helical Blade Support Rack

 M108S Trimmer Compatible

This rack cradles the helical blade itself to provide easy cleaning access to the helical blade bearing ends, as we do not recommend submerging these components. It offers essential protection to the blade edges while you wipe away residual plant material.


Recommended quantity:

One for the sanitation department and one for the maintenance department.

Soak & Store Tubs

 M108S Trimmer Compatible

Specially built for Mobius machinery at 11" x 14.75" x 47.25", these tubs hold parts and accessories during the cleaning process.


Recommended quantity:

Enough for all Mobius parts and removable equipment pieces on-site.