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Full Melt Bubble Hash: Your Expert Guide

Bubble hash is categorized by quality, with different grades and a star rating used to denote different categories. When it comes to different grades of bubble hash, full melt is the best. 

rosin pcs-28_hash

What Is Bubble Hash?

Bubble hash (also known as ice hash or ice water hash) is a type of hash that’s made using ice-cold water. Ranging from a light golden blonde to a dark greenish brown, bubble hash gets its name from the way it bubbles when it’s heated. Like traditional hash, bubble hash is made from cannabis trichomes,…


Maximizing Yield and Quality: How to Make Bubble Hash at Scale

As one of the purest, most popular cannabis extracts, bubble hash can be a huge asset for commercial cannabis operations interested in diversifying their product line for continued success in the ever-expanding industry. This solvent-free extract is created from cannabis trichomes and gets its name for the way it bubbles when exposed to a flame…


Beyond THC Levels: Understanding the Complexities of Bubble Hash Potency

Discover the complexities of bubble hash and its potency. Learn about its effects, THC levels, and what makes it one of the most powerful cannabis extracts available.


Cannabis 2.0: The Rise of Automated Cannabis Processing

Compare the different cannabis processing methods. Learn more about your options today.


Everything You Need To Know About Cannabis Extraction Equipment

Top factors to consider before purchasing cannabis extraction equipment. Check out what you should be asking yourself. Questions? Ask Mobius today.


How To Grind Cannabis And Hemp For Top Quality Extraction

We discuss how to grind cannabis for high-quality extraction. Extraction method and strain both affect the ideal size of your grind.


How to Staff Your Cannabis Processing Facility

We discuss how to form a team for your cannabis processing facility. Learn about the roles that are essential to running a high-volume cannabis production operation.

Trichomes 1

How To Cure Cannabis: Best Practices to Maximize Potency

Cannabis trimmers increase production speed and profitability. But which commercial bud trimmer is right for you? Find out now.

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