Cannabis & Hemp Bucker Buyer's Guide

Choosing the best cannabis and hemp bucking machine for your cultivation operation is critically important. The wrong bucker can slow your harvesting process, damage your product, and waste time and money. Choosing the right bucker will drive efficiency, reduce labor costs, and contribute to a higher-quality, more consistent end product. We created the Complete Cannabis and Hemp Bucker’s Buyer’s Guide 2022 Edition to arm you with all the information you need to make an informed purchasing decision for your operation.

You’ll find basic criteria to help you compare the various models, manufacturers, and KPIs of each cannabis and hemp bucker on the market. Prefer to just look at the high-level numbers? Jump right to our Bucker Comparison Table that includes all major cannabis and hemp bucker models available in 2022.

With a rapidly changing industry, we update the guide on a continual basis. Just want the high-level numbers? Jump to our Bucker Comparison Table that includes all major cannabis and hemp bucker models.


The Complete 2022 Cannabis & Hemp Mill Buyer's Guide

Picking the right hemp or cannabis mill for your operation can be frustrating. It takes a lot of time and research to compare all the options on the market today. Let us give you back a few hours in your day… because we’ve done it for you!

Below you’ll find a complete comparison table that will help your decision-making process. Is the Mobius M210 Mill the right option for you? We hope so, but even if it’s not we hope this table will be useful.

Underneath the table you’ll find a breakdown of each column that further describes the metric and why it’s important.