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Scalable Machine Trimming that Mimics the Human Hand

The cannabis industry is struggling through its lowest wholesale prices in years, and a series of recent Federal Reserve short-term borrowing rate hikes may add to the challenges.


Starting a Cannabis Business? Things You Should Know

If you’re looking for a lucrative opportunity, consider running a cannabis business. In fact, cannabis is a profitable industry where products are in high demand.


How Automated Cannabis Trimmers Can Save Thousands Each Year

With the price of marijuana dropping and cultivators looking for ways to save, automated trimmers have become the industry standard...


Mobius Trimmer

The Mobius Trimmer M108 is the trimming solution for commercial-scale cultivators that are focused on growing their business and supercharging their harvest workflow...


Meet the Mobius Commercial Cannabis Trimmer

Regarded as the most technologically advanced bud trimmer on the market, the Mobius M108S is designed for large-scale growers without compromising output volume or speed...


How to Optimize Your Cannabis Harvest for Automation & Mechanical Trimming

This guide will help cannabis operators determine whether automation in the harvesting process would benefit their cultivation business...

GreenHouse Grower

The New Age of Cannabis Pre-Roll Grinding: Mobius Releases the M60 Compact Mill

In an age where hand-trimming and other legacy methods of cannabis production have become unsustainable, businesses have taken action to find other means of scaling production to save on operating and labor costs...

MJ Biz Daily

Aleafia Health harvests first marijuana crop at Niagara greenhouse

Aleafia Health, a vertically integrated license holder in Ontario, Canada, harvested the first marijuana crop at its new Niagara Greenhouse Facility...

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"Great Resignation" Creates Cannabis Labor Shortages. Canadian Cultivator Takes New Approach to Employee Retention

Unfilled jobs in the food-service and hospitality industries are making it difficult for cannabis companies to retain entry-level employees, prompting some cultivators to change how they operate to gain a competitive advantage in the labor market...


Small Pre-Roll Producers Get Big Equipment Upgrade: Mobius Releases New Cannabis Grinder Based on Trickle-Down Tech

The newly released M60 Mill draws technology from Mobius's flagship M210 Mill. Both utilize slow rotational speeds to reduce heat degradation, and precision cutting matrixes to maintain uniform particle sizes without THC loss...


Bright Future for Cultivators in the Age of Cannabis Technology

Mobius makes waves in the cannabis industry for first-time automation in commercial-scale facilities. Within the past 15 years of the industry changing and legalization across more areas, cultivators are seeking ways to increase production capacity while...