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Mobius Automation Suite

Leading brands are built on consistency

Mobius brings you a new breed of cannabis processing automation equipment — built to unrelenting standards for unrivaled ROI.


Put profitability on autopilot with the full suite of automated processing equipment from Mobius.

Cut your operating costs. Increase product quality and shield yourself against regulatory threats with GMP-ready machines built to industrial standards.

The Mobius Cannabis Automation Suite moves and processes your marijuana crop flawlessly — with fewer chances for human error or contamination — giving you faster speed to market, better employee retention, and a solid foundation for growth.

MBX Bucker
MBX Bucker

Remove cannabis flowers from their stems without compromising the buds, and retain the potency of your cannabis product while doing so.

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M210 Mill
M210 Mill

Grind cannabis flower and trim for precision-milled extracts and pre-rolls. Find the perfect grind for you product, whether it be for medical marijuana, dispensaries, extraction, or any other use.

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Infeed Conveyor
Infeed Conveyor

Improve trimmer feed rates and consistency by utilizing the Mobius Infeed Conveyor to feed untrimmed flower into the M108S Tandem Trimmers. It is a great option for cultivators looking to ramp up their cannabis throughput.

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Tandem M108S Trimmers
Tandem M108S Trimmers

Deliver hand-trim quality flower at a commercial scale with two M108S Trimmers. A powerful tool for any cannabis cultivation company post-harvest.

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Outfeed Conveyor
Outfeed Conveyor

Perform continuous quality control while moving trimmed flower to the Mobius Autofeed Conveyor.

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Autofeed Conveyor
Autofeed Conveyor

Automatically feed trimmed cannabis flower into the M9 sorter. No hands required!

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M9 Sorter
M9 Sorter

Continuously sort cannabis and hemp flower by size to streamline post-harvest processes such as categorizing, weighing, and packaging.

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Developed in Canada

Supercharge your cannabis production

Integrate Bloom AI, the most advanced computer vision system in the cannabis industry.

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Fill out the design form below, and we’ll pair you with an Automation Specialist from our in-house team.

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We'll review your information and identify automation configurations to reduce operating expenses and help your cannabis business grow.

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White-Glove Service

Following the purchase of an Automation Suite, we'll send a specialist to your facility to implement the cannabis equipment and onboard your team.

Financial Flexibility

Mobius offers payment plans to fit most business plans. Flexible terms provide you with an affordable way you expand your post-harvest operations.

Increase Profit

Improve your profitability by reducing harvest labor costs and time to market. 

Talk to a Mobius harvest expert to discuss your potential savings.

Labor Summary

Weekly Production
Daily Production (lb/hr)
Total Staff
Total Staff
% Staff Reduction
Cost Savings
% Cost Savings
2,500 500 120 5 96% $4,130,880 93%
2,000 400 97 4 96% $3,325,920 93%
1,500 300 73 4 95% $2,423,200 90%
1,000 200 50 4 92% $1,582,880 86%
500 100 27 4 85% $715,520 73%
250 50 16 4 75% $326,560 55%

Maintain Potency

THC, CBD cannabinoids, and terpene profiles are critical to your profit, even in the most automated cannabis processing environments. See how the Mobius Automation Suite stacks up against conventional hand processing.

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Keep Your Best People. Simplify Your Harvest.

Reduction in trim room labor
Cost savings
Increase in employee pay

Cultivate a better work environment with fewer employees using next-gen automation. By decreasing repetitive strain injuries and increasing employee engagement, you avoid costly turnover and training expenses. All while increasing profitability and compensation for key employees.

Safari Flower Co. reduced time to market and increased cash on hand by over 25%.

Deliver Beautiful Flower, Every Time.

Consistency builds trust — and lifelong customers. Ensure top-shelf quality of your product every time:

  • Consistent smokable flower for retailers
  • Uniform trim size and quality for pre-rolls and extracts
  • Increased customer satisfaction, retention, and brand value at every stage
Learn how Safari Flower Co. uses automation to increase production and deliver its brand promise.

It's one thing to trim two plants. It's a whole other thing to trim 4,000 plants. That's where I really start to get happy about the Mobius equipment and what it's done for us.


GMP Solutions

Step 1 Cleaner

Safely, and effectively clean your cannabis equipment with GMP Solutions Step 1 Cleaner. This powerful formula removes tough resin buildups and soils, helping you meet your GMP cleaning requirements.


Automate Your Facility Today


With the Mobius Automation Suite, processors will reduce labor and operating costs during post-harvest processing. Production capacity and processing capabilities multiply, and minimized downtime during processing allows for greater efficiency. Check out some of Mobius’ case studies for how our automation equipment has helped other facilities.