Commercial Cannabis Conveyors for Total Automation

Mobius Conveyors

Flawless Product Handling

Mobius cannabis conveyors streamline your cannabis processing for massive labor reductions and enhanced product quality. By eliminating human touchpoints, Mobius Conveyors mitigate contamination and increase quality control.

Mix and match to suit your needs or customize your conveyors from the ground up.


100% Stainless

Built with 100% stainless steel, all Mobius Conveyors are ready for use in the most stringent GMP environments.

Food-Grade Materials

Food-grade materials combine with anti-microbial polyurethane belts to ensure your crops stay clean, unadulterated, and ready for sale.


One-Minute Disassembly

Cleaning your Mobius cannabis conveyor is quick and easy. With their 60-second disassembly capabilities and no tools to lose, you minimize downtown and keep your staff productive.

Select the cannabis conveyor that is right for your facility


M108S Trmmer Compatible

Cut labor expenses and increase the efficiency of your M108S Trimmer by up to 10% with the Mobius Infeed Conveyor. Utilizing the Infeed Conveyor reduces infeed gaps that can occur with manual feeding and reduces quality control issues by enabling a visual inspection of cannabis material before it's fed into the trimmer.



M108S Trimmer Compatible

Create a continuous quality control system utilizing the Outfeed Conveyor attached to the M108S Trimmer. By positioning the cannabis conveyor and quality control staff on the outfeed of the trimmer, the trimmed flowers can be inspected immediately, reducing errors, lowering costs, and streamlining your harvesting process.



M9 Sorter & M108S Trimmer Compatible

Elevate your automation to a whole new level with the Mobius Autofeed Conveyor. This speed-adjustable cannabis conveyor raises your product for sorting with the Mobius M9 Sorter. The stainless-steel hopper can integrate with multiple trimmer lines for even greater automation and cost savings.


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Every cannabis conveyor has adjustable settings so you can configure your automation set up as it suits your business. Find a solution that works for your facility, which includes adjustable speed and feed rates, forward / reverse, and height adjustments.