Enter the future with Mobius — a new breed of industrial cannabis trimming machines, buckers, sorters, and mills that lower operating costs and increase cannabis flower quality. Precise. Fast. GMP-Ready.


Cannabis Trimmer

Trim cannabis at high volume and speed with the best bud trimming machine on the market. Have complete control over the trimming process while precision blades cut like scissors for perfectly trimmed buds every time.


Bud Sorter

Quickly sort flower by size to streamline post-harvest processes and optimize your crop’s salable value.


Cannabis Bucker

The MBX Cannabis Bucker gently removes hemp and cannabis flowers from their stems. The integrated stem chipper simplifies the harvesting process and reduces byproduct waste volume.


Cannabis Mill

Deliver consistent particle sizes for every cannabis application.


Cannabis Mill

Perfectly grind hemp and cannabis for pre-roll production.


Automation Integration

Streamline your processing, reduce labor, and increase product quality. Infeed, outfeed, and autofeed conveyors reduce contamination and increase quality control, perfect for every size commercial grower.

Complete Harvest Automation

The Mobius cannabis trimming machine and automation suite produces a more consistent product for an increasingly competitive marketplace. Discover how Mobius automation streamlines every step of your workflow, cuts labor, and reduces human handling liabilities.

The Best Tech in the Cannabis Industry

Mobius takes the complexity out of harvesting by offering the world’s best bud trimming machine and processing equipment. Our machines are built for commercial growers and engineered for ease of use, scalable output, and worker safety. With tool-free disassembly in minutes, all Mobius equipment is easy to clean and ready for GMP-certified workflows. The product output from Mobius equipment rivals that of hand-processed cannabis plant material.


We Know GMP

Information and resources for GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) as it relates to cannabis cultivation are scattered and confusing. But we’ve worked with numerous cannabis cultivators going through the GMP process and have designed all of our equipment to be GMP-ready out of the box. Give us a call or check out our GMP guide to learn more.

Mobius VIP Experience

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Office Hours

Thursdays at 8:30 AM PST:  Join Mobius experts for a live Q&A session! Bring all your burning questions to have them answered live. Don’t have time to stay the full hour? No problem! Feel free to drop in and out.


Is Mobius equipment suitable for both small-scale and large-scale cannabis operations?

Yes. Mobius offers a range of equipment for operations of varying sizes. From smaller farms to large-scale harvests, Mobius equipment can be configured to fit your needs. Two Mobius trimmers can be connected in tandem to more than double throughput rates. We also offer a smaller and a larger version of the Mobius Mill depending on the needs of the cultivator.

Can you assist with the installation and setup of the equipment?

Yes. Upon the purchase of an Automation Suite, our harvest experts will travel to your facility to help implement the equipment and onboard your team.

How does machine trimming compare to a wand trimmer or hand trimming?

While hand trimming provides a high level of customization, this type of trimming requires skilled trimmers and high labor expenses. In addition, there will always be inconsistencies due to human error. A wand trimmer can be used for small and medium-sized operations. However, it is time-consuming (compared to machine trimming) and requires a skilled labor team. When it comes to efficiency and higher productivity, machine trimming is ideal for your large-scale operations. Additionally, you can expect consistent and uniform trimming results with significantly reduced labor and time.

Do you have a trimming machine that is good for both dry trimming and wet trimming?

The Mobius M108S can process both wet and dry flowers with ease. Cannabis cultivators can remove the need for separate machines for dry trimming and wet trimming. By using one trimming machine to streamline their process, commercial growers end up saving time and labor. Unlike hand trimmers, a machine trimmer ensures consistent results, maintains the quality of the buds, and reduces the risk of contamination. You can adjust the machine settings for different strains and control the trimming speed.

How will I know the equipment will fit into my workflow?

Mobius offers design consultations to address a facility’s needs.

Do you offer any customized solutions to meet specific needs or requirements?

The equipment can be configured in numerous ways to fit your specific workflow and processing needs. Our team will meet with you to see how each component of the Automation Suite can be suited best to your facility. Some of our equipment has the option for customization, like the Mills and the screen type or hole size.

What kind of support and maintenance services do you provide for your cannabis equipment?

Mobius provides support before, during, and after equipment purchases. If you’re looking to make a purchase, our buyer’s guides can help you through the decision-making process. Once you’ve decided to purchase a piece of our equipment, you can opt to have a Mobius representative visit to help with onboarding. (If you purchase a full automation suite, there is a complimentary expert visit included.) Each piece of equipment comes with a User Guide and instructions. In addition, we offer support through our customer service hours, GMP workflow guide, videos, and more.