Mobius Cannabis Trimming Machine and Equipment

Cannabis Harvesting Made Easy

Precise. Fast. GMP-Ready. Enter the future with Mobius — a new breed of industrial cannabis equipment, bud trimmers, buckers, sorters, and mills that lower operating costs and preserve flower quality.


Cannabis Trimmer


Bud Sorter


Cannabis Bucker


Cannabis Mill



Complete Harvest Automation

Automation helps you save on labor expenses, reduce human handling, and produce a more consistent product while lowering consumer costs. Streamline every step of the process with the Mobius Automation Suite.

The Best Tech in the Industry

Mobius takes the complexity out of harvesting by offering the world’s best cannabis processing equipment. Our machines are engineered for ease of use, scalable output, and worker safety. With tool-free disassembly in minutes, all Mobius equipment is easy to clean and ready for GMP-certified workflows. The product output from Mobius equipment rivals that of hand-processed cannabis material.


We Know GMP

Information and resources for GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) as it relates to cannabis cultivation are scattered and confusing. But don’t worry, we’ve worked with numerous cultivators going through the GMP process and have designed all of our equipment to be GMP-ready out of the box. Give us a call or check out our GMP guide to learn more.

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