The Anatomy of The HOT SWAP

Throughout a trim session, resin builds up on the blades and tumbler. It’s inevitable. The stickier the strain, the quicker the buildup you’ll see. This resin buildup, over time, can gradually decrease the performance of the machine. If you have a short day and you’re only trimming 50-100kg, you won’t notice it. But when you get up past 200kg, the resin buildup will slow you down. Traditionally, you’d have to disassemble the entire machine, clean it, reassemble it, and adjust it again to bring performance back up.

hotswap-cannabis-trimming-machine Because the M108 doesn’t need tools for disassembly, and because you never need to adjust the blade cartridges, we’ve come up with an alternative technique we call the Hot Swap. By simply switching out the AirThread Tension Tumbler, the helical blades, and the bedknives, you can bring performance back up to the level of a fully-cleaned unit, but without the downtime. You get the machine running again within minutes, while the sanitation team can clean the swapped parts thoroughly without the pressure of a full-stop of the trimming process.

Look at the graph below for an example of a long trim day where they’ve used this technique.


You can easily get a Hot Swap done in less than five minutes. With some practice (and inspiration from Nascar), you can get it below 2 minutes. That wasn’t good enough for us though. Our Mobius Pit Crew put in some work and were able to get a Hot Swap down to 90 seconds. Watch the video below to see it in-action.  

If you’re already operating a Mobius Trimmer M108 in your facility, consider trying this technique to reduce downtime and improve operational efficiency during your trim sessions. Better yet, send us a video of your team performing a hot swap. We’d love to see if you can break our 90 second record!

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