The Variable Function System | Features of the Mobius Trimmer M108S

You maintain control.

You know your products and trimming requirements better than anybody. That’s why this “one size fits all” approach to trimming fails on so many levels. You should be the one who determines how the machine will best trim your product. That’s why we’ve given you the controls.


The Mobius Trimmer M108S is designed and engineered for commercial-scale cultivators that demand high performance. In the M108S, every component has been custom-engineered for precision and efficiency. It’s easy to use, safer to use, easy to clean, and produces a superior product in every measurable way. Did we mention it trims 4x faster than the competition? The Mobius Trimmer M108S is the trimming solution for commercial-scale cultivators that are focused on growing their business and supercharging their harvest workflow.


The Mobius Variable Function System gives users the control to optimize their machine to suit any moisture condition, strain type, or end-product requirements. Have a strain that’s especially delicate? Turn down the suction pressure on the ISS and turn down the speed on the AirThread Tension Tumbler. Looking for a shaggier trim to satisfy the market expectations for a particular demographic? Increase the tumbler speed and adjust the tilt. Trimming a run of flowers for extraction? Power up the tilt and blade speed to make your product fly through the machine. You now have control to adjust the settings to get your ideal end-product, every time.

Key points:

  • Adjustable vacuum flow rate
  • Adjustable tumbler speed
  • Adjustable helical blade speed
  • Adjustable tumbler angle

We’ve kept all these controls in one place, in a single control panel. Or maybe we should call it a cockpit? Either way, this rocket ship is about to blast off…

If you haven’t read about it yet, check out the tech behind our patent-pending AirThread Tension Tumbler.

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