10 Machine Trimming Myths Debunked

Cannabis trimming machines drastically reduce the time between growing cannabis and getting it into the marketplace.

A cannabis trimming machine efficiently trims buds, removing plant material and leaving only the valuable parts of the flower. Using automatic trimmers saves time while improving quality and efficiency for professional cannabis cultivators.

Some find hand-trimming cannabis to be artfully therapeutic—a way to relax your mind while getting to know your buds. But for some growers and cultivators, meticulously picking apart cannabis so that it’s free of leaf material and ready for retail sale is a laborious process that requires lots of time and an entire staff of workers.

If you want to trim marijuana fast, the “by hand” method is neither efficient nor cost-effective. Utilizing an automatic cannabis trimmer speeds up the process, getting your product into the marketplace faster. It’s also a sound investment that frees your trim team to perform other essential tasks.

Yet, even with those benefits, there are still some cannabis professionals that view machine trimmers with a healthy dose of skepticism. If you’re still reluctant to move away from hand trimming, we’re willing to bet it’s because of a set of myths floating around out there about the automatic method.

Allow us to debunk these machine trimming myths once and for all.

Myth #1: Trimming Machines are too Expensive

If you allow sticker shock to rule your life, you’ll never enjoy the advantages that come with spending a little extra cash up front. The truth is, automatic weed trimmers pay for themselves almost immediately, increasing your output while reducing costs associated with labor and overhead.

Myth #2: Trimming Machines are Only For Huge Operations with Massive Budgets

Smaller “craft” growers and cultivators can reap the rewards of automation, too. Machine trimmers make your harvesting schedule more flexible, improving productivity and output for operations of all sizes. Any uptick in productivity can increase the volume of cannabis you put into the market.

Myth #3: Trimming Machines Destroy Trichomes

This might’ve been true in the early days of the technology when machine cannabis trimmers shaved buds down into uniform little “Christmas trees.” Fortunately, this is no longer the case. Today’s automatic weed trimmers boast an astonishing ability to mimic the look of a hand-trimmed flower, which protects all of those precious trichomes.

Myth #4: Machine Trimmers are Difficult to Maintain

Once again, let’s all say thanks to modern advancements. Developers have designed today’s machines (like ours) to be easily broken down for regular cleanings, ensuring deep cleaning isn’t the time-consuming process it once was. And even when you factor cleaning time into the production schedule, these machines still increase processing time. However, you should keep in mind that not all machine trimmers are as easy to maintain as ours. Some are exceptionally difficult to clean.

Myth #5: Automation is too Time-Consuming to Implement

Many automatic weed trimmers—as well as sorters, sifters, and buckers—are ready to go to work right out of the box, with barely any assembly required. What’s more, the latest cannabis trimmers are specifically designed for easy operation and maintenance.

Myth #6: Automatic Trimmers Take Jobs from Human Workers

While automating may reduce the need for an actual trim team, those workers can be utilized in other ways rather than cut loose entirely. Think of these machines as changing jobs, not taking them. Workers free from meticulous trimming tasks can upskill to take on more critical roles that require human ingenuity, problem-solving, and creativity.

Myth #7: Cannabis Consumers Prefer Hand-Trimmed Buds

Sure, we all love so-called “artisanal” products that claim to be “hand-crafted.” In reality, each of us knows that very few products are actually prepared or built by hand. Cannabis consumers are a savvy bunch—they know that just because their bud was machine trimmed doesn’t mean it’s an inferior product. In fact, they probably appreciate the speed at which your buds hit the market!

Myth #8: Automatic Machines are only Good for Wet Trimming

We’re not sure how this myth started, but it’s a doozy. Many automatic cannabis timmers can perform both wet and dry trimming (again, like ours). Furthermore, the configuration is often the same for both processes. This means you don’t have to worry about any unique settings and don’t need to “reset” the machine to follow wet or dry protocols.

Myth #9: Machine-Trimmed Buds are not Closely Inspected

Any cannabis that’s machine-trimmed is subject to the same inspection process as hand-trimmed buds. Human employees who undergo training to keep an eye out for impurities inspect machine-trimmed cannabis once trimmed.

Myth #10: Weed Trimmers are a Sign of Homogenization in the Cannabis Industry

Purists might say that cannabis trimmers or automation of any kind signify the inevitable downfall of the industry. That couldn’t be further from the truth: the proliferation of automatic weed trimmers shows that marijuana is continuing its lightning-quick transformation from a nefarious substance to a legitimate business. It signifies a mass availability that benefits consumers at large.

Don’t let myths keep your business from reaching the next level. 

When you let myths lead you astray, you deprive your company of all the benefits that technology affords. So rather than throwing away the possibility of adding an automatic cannabis trimmer to your operation, do your due diligence to research these products to see if they can give you a competitive advantage in the cannabis industry.

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