6 Reasons Why Chris Farley Had it RIGHT about Warranties

Would you buy a car without asking the price? Of course not. And you shouldn’t invest money in any high-ticket item without taking an under-the-hood look at the product’s warranty. The value of a good warranty should be a part of your buying decision. So here are six tips to make sure you’re properly covered when things go wrong.

1. Ask to see an actual copy of the warranty documentation.

If they’re hesitant to send it to you, that’s a big red flag. What’s worse is if they don’t have a document to send to you.

2. Read the small print!

Many companies use warranties as a marketing play, and build lots of loopholes into the small print. Understand the details, and if something isn’t clear, request clarification by email. That way if anything happens to your product (relating to your questions) and they are trying to wiggle out of their warranty obligations, you have their responses recorded.

3. A warranty is only as good as the reputation of the company that’s given it.

Do you trust this company? Will they be in business 2-3 years from now?

4. Be aware of what’s actually covered and what isn’t.

Is it a front-to- back warranty that covers everything? Likely not. So make sure you have clarification. It could be that the parts most likely to break aren’t covered. A good way to double check this is to ask about consumables. What is the manufacturers understanding of what you will need to replace on a regular basis?

5. In the warranty, note the procedure for getting your product repaired or replaced.

If it’s complicated or time-consuming, that’s a red flag. Often, companies will make it intentionally complicated to dissuade you from making a warranty claim.

6. Beware the long-term warranty.

A ten-year warranty!? Why not make it a Dr. Evil-approved warranty (1 billion years). Most long-term warranties exclude covering issues of “normal wear-and- tear”. Which basically means the manufacturer can wiggle out of paying for repairs for any reason they want. It’s a bit like the ultimate loophole.

With the Mobius Trimmer M108, we are providing a 3-year, front-to-back warranty. You can feel comfortable knowing that not only did you buy a quality product, but we stand behind it 100%. Everything is covered.

There are many companies out there peddling dubious warranties, so just like you’d research all the features and pricing on any big purchase, make sure you spend some time researching the warranty as well. Don’t get caught up in our competitor’s warranty loopholes and tricks. Like Chris Farley says in Tommy Boy, “They know all they sold you is a guaranteed piece of sh_t. That’s all it is. Hey, if you want me to take a dump in a box and mark it guaranteed, I will. I got spare time.” Wise words, Chris, wise words.

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