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How to Choose the Best Cannabis Trimming Machine

Cannabis trimmers increase production speed and profitability. But which commercial bud trimmer is right for you? Find out now.


When and How to Harvest Cannabis for Maximum Trichome Retention

We discuss when and how to harvest cannabis for maximum trichome retention and potency. Learn why trichomes are important and methods for quality harvesting.

Double Dutch Farms is a Tier 3 cannabis cultivator

Commercial Pre-Roll Machines for High-Volume Cannabis Cultivators

Learn the differences between popular commercial pre-roll machines and discover which type is best for you in terms of cost, capacity, and other factors.


How To Increase Production Capacity With A Cannabis Bucker

Discover how to use cannabis buckers to enhance your bucking process and drive down labor costs. All while maintaining quality control.


How to Assess Cannabis Harvesting Equipment: Purchase Criteria for Getting the Most Out of Your Harvest

Cultivators are locked in a fierce debate between machine trimming and hand trimming. Is one method better than another? Does it make a difference?


Cannabis Automation: How to Increase Yield While Lowering Costs

Processing equipment plays a critical role in successful cannabis cultivation. See how bud trimmers, buckers, and other equipment can lower operating costs, raise quality, and even increase overall harvest weight.


Optimize Your Cannabis Harvest with a Bud Sorter

Bud Sorters: How They Add Value to Your Cannabis Harvest


When to Harvest Marijuana for Maximum Potency

Get the most out of your next crop! These guidelines reveal the right time to harvest cannabis based on visual indicators and the science behind the plant.


How to Harvest Cannabis on a Commercial Scale

Understand when to harvest your marijuana plants, how to prepare, and what bud trimmer, bucker, and cannabis sorter to use.

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