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The Argument for Tandem

A few reasons why running the Mobius Trimmer M108 in tandem is a better, more efficient way to process large commercial cannabis harvests than running two machines separately.


How to Clean your Cannabis Trimmer and GET YOUR LIFE BACK

When we built the Mobius Trimmer M108, we needed to make it easier to clean than the current cannabis trimmers on the market. MUCH easier. We drew up a set of rules that we used to guide our process. Read on to learn what we did.


Cannabis Industry News – Our Top 5 Must-Read Sources

The top 5 sources for news, updates and information about the cannabis industry, including content related to Canadian businesses and industry. Each one offers something a bit different, so we’d recommend at least a weekly visit to each of them.


GMP: Not just for quality assurance anymore… It’s MARKETING

No commercial cannabis company would seek GMP certification just for a marketing win, but if certification was already in the pipeline, it makes sense to leverage that into PR and content as well.


4 Things You Can Do to Jump-Start GMP in your Commercial Cannabis Facility

Four different steps a commercial cannabis facility can take to ensure production is in keeping with GMP, or Good Manufacturing Practices, and how to implement these in a current operations schedule to create efficiency and consistency.


5 Reasons Hoses Don’t Belong in Commercial Cannabis Cultivation

A look at the problems associated with using hoses to separate trim from flower in commercial cannabis trimming machines.


GMP: What Licensed Cannabis Producers Need to Know

A look at Good Manufacturing Practices and how they apply to the cannabis industry, including consequences of not applying and how to get certified in Canada.


The Variable Function System | Features of the Mobius Trimmer M108S

One of the features of the Mobius Trimmer M108 that allows users to control tumbler speed, angle, vacuum flow rate and blade speed.

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