Prepping For Your Cannabis & Hemp Harvest

There are always a few indicators that summer is waning; days are getting shorter, there’s a layer of dew on the lawn in the morning, and our phone is ringing off the hook with growers needing post-harvest equipment. As predictable as Old Faithful, the ramp-up to harvest season is frenzied with people in the know securing buckers, trimmers, and mills ahead of the harvest. Year after year, post-harvest equipment sells out in the fall despite our best efforts to build stock up all year long! Due to the huge increase in licenses North America-wide, coupled with the fact that machine-trimming has become the preferred choice in the COVID era, demand has never been steeper than right now. Have you got your ducks in a row for Harvest 2020, or will your operation be scrambling to get your hands on scarce post-harvest equipment in crunch time?



We’re getting calls every day from seasoned pros wading into automated trimming for the first time. You already know how many people you would need to get your product hand-trimmed and off to market, but automation is a whole new ball game. You may need a bit of help determining how to plan for staffing, and how to best allocate your post-harvest budget for machinery to maximize efficiency and profits. Lean on us – we’re here to help! Share your volumes and schedules with us, and we’ll recommend the most effective way to gear up.



Be sure you know if the machinery you have your eye on is in stock or if there is a lead-time for delivery. Take transit times into account, as freight carriers globally tend to be lagging behind their traditional norms. Will your team need training? Does your facility need to book an electrician to upgrade service for your new gear? Can your harvest wait if there’s a delay anywhere along the supply chain?



If delays would hurt your harvest and large capital expenditures are a big hit to take all at once, hedge against these issues! A 20% deposit on your Mobius order will secure your machinery in the production queue while leveling your cash outlay to a degree that may make life easier for your operation.

Give us a shout and get a quote. Reserve your machinery so you can focus on other things. The peace of mind knowing your equipment will be there when you need it is well worth the planning!


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