How to Staff a Mobius Trim Line

We’ve been getting lots of questions about HR recommendations from new partners that are implementing the Mobius Trimmer commercial system into their facility. How many people do we need? Who should be doing what? What’s the best division of work? That’s why we’ve decided to create a specific breakdown of labour for a team operating a complete line (tandem M108s and conveyors on both sides). We’ve outlined each position, what they do, and how experienced they need to be. Please keep in mind these are only suggestions, but they are based on what is working best for our current partners.


     Position 1 –  Mobius Line Manager     
This is the most experienced member of the team. They have a thorough understanding of the operation of the M108 and the conveyors. The Mobius Line Manager supervises the entire team and operation of the line. Standing on the control panel side of the M108s, the Mobius Line Manager will be responsible for setting and adjusting the controls on the VFS, as well as the speeds on both input and output conveyors. The MLM is mobile, constantly floating back and forth between the input and output sides to check the feed rate and that end-product requirements are being met, as well as lend an extra set of hands wherever needed. This person has a thorough understanding of cannabis and the trimming process, and has significant experience working in a Mobius Trim Line. 

     Position 2 – Input Technician     
The Input Tech physically loads the raw material onto the input conveyor, spreading it out as evenly as possible to ensure loading consistency. The IT stands on the same side as the MLM to take direction, when necessary. This is the least experienced member of the Mobius Trim Line. Keep in mind the Input Technician will need some level of assistance, so either an Input Lead (Position 6), or an MLM that will spend most of his time at the Input end of the line. 

     Position 3 – 5 -QA Technician     
The QA Techs are seated in a staggered pattern on the output conveyor. The QA Tech closest to the output of the M108 (position 3) is the least experienced of the QA Techs, with position 5 being the most experienced (if a QA Lead is not being used). That’s because the larger QA issues are easier to spot, with the more nuanced QA errors going unnoticed by somebody that lacks experience. Some or all of the QA Technicians may be conducting touch-up work with shears, or sorting QA-failed flowers off the line for a second pass through the machines.

     Position 6 – Input Lead     
The Input Lead is an optional position that provides an extra layer of consistency for the loading process, as well as a pre-QA check to remove large stems or other debris. The Input Lead stands on the separator side of the line (the opposite side from the MLM), and monitors the Trim Totes, calling for or implementing Trim Tote swaps when necessary.

     Position 7 – QA Lead     
The QA Lead is an optional position that stands at the end of the output conveyor to monitor (or make adjustments to) the final QA on product that comes off the end of the Mobius Trim Line. This person needs to be mobile, and will be frequently walking up both sides of the output conveyor to assist or instruct the QA Technicians. This is the 2nd most experienced person on the line and will be communicating frequently with the Mobius Line Manager.

This is the configuration we suggest for our partners operating at a very high volume. Do you have a configuration that’s working well for you? We’d love to hear about it! Send us an email.

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