Why Use Conveyors With Your Cannabis and Hemp Trimmer

The Mobius M108S Trimmer comes with an Infeed Hopper and an Outfeed Chute, which work great to a point. To maximize quality and volumes, you need to upgrade to conveyors. Here’s why:

Consistency – An Infeed Conveyor keeps the flower coming at an even rate, which in turn translates to a consistent result.

Speed – Simply adding an Infeed Conveyor can dramatically increase your processing speed without adding any labor costs. With no gaps or dead spots in the supply, your Mobius can run at maximum efficiency.

Control – Given the variability of the trimmer functions right on the control panel of the M108S, adding conveyors with Variable Speed Controls is a natural fit. The ability to dial in your feed rate to an optimal level allows you to squeeze every ounce of performance out of the trimmer while maintaining the highest quality possible.

QC – Conveyors offer opportunities to check for quality both on the Infeed and Outfeed. On the Infeed side, the worker has one last chance to remove debris such as leaf and stem, and sometimes foreign entities such as twist-ties before it gets into the machine. The worker can also split up twin stems or discard any sub-standard flower, maximizing the quality of the finished product. On the Outfeed side, workers can easily identify if any trimmed flower arriving on the 16”-wide conveyor belt needs a quick snip with the hand shears, again maximizing the value and marketability of your product.


We stock standard 6’ long Infeed and Outfeed Conveyors, but you can custom-order yours to the inch. Any conveying need can be designed and built, such as a Step-Conveyor to raise the Outfeed to standing height, for example. The belt material is FDA-approved sealed edge urethane and all plant-touching surfaces are GMP-ready. Our engineering department did a fantastic job creating “kick plates” and interfaces for seamless integration, resulting in a symbiotic trimming system.

Conveyors we currently offer: Infeed, Outfeed, and Autofeed

When you’re ready to invest in the world’s best hemp and cannabis trimmer, consider rounding out your superior trimming system and maximizing your quality and profits by adding conveyors to your order. Contact us for more information or visit the conveyors page on our site for more information about the options we offer. You can also visit the resource page for set-up diagrams showing dimensions and layout options.

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