Before You Buy: 11 Q&As for Your Next Cannabis Bud Trimmer Purchase

If you’re trying to scale your cultivation operations this year, you’re probably on the search for your next (or first) cannabis machine trimmer. There’s a lot to consider, so we’ve collected 11 questions you need to ask.

Turning a profit in the cannabis and hemp industry is no walk in the park. Business leaders in this industry know that to make money and scale, they need to control labor costs and make smart purchases. 

One of the most labor-saving investments your company can make is a cannabis or hemp bud trimming machine. But these machines can also carry a significant price tag. We’ve come up with the answers to 11 of the most burning questions growers have regarding bud trimming machines.

  • Do bud trimmers work with dry and wet cannabis or hemp bud? 

Some do, and some don’t. More expensive cannabis bud trimmer machines may offer two different types of tumblers, one for wet and one for dry. Most trimmers are designed for one or the other. This is an important question to ask of the manufacturer. 

The Mobius M108S Trimmer is the only trimmer on the market that can trim both wet and dry without any component changes. 


  • What are the electrical requirements of a cannabis and hemp bud trimmer?

Most high capacity trimming systems use 240v power. You’ll want to double check your facility electrical to make sure it can handle the draw without any issues. Small capacity trimmers will typically use a standard 120v outlet. 


  • How fast can one of these machines trim a 5-gallon bucket of bud? 

A quality cannabis or hemp bud trimming machine should be able to trim a 5-gallon bucket of bud in no more than 20 minutes. Higher-end models trim over 60 pounds per hour of wet bud and 20 pounds of dry material. Learn more about the record-setting Mobius M108S Trimmer feed rates.


  • How much do bud trimmers cost? 

Bud trimmers start at a few hundred dollars for manual “salad spinner” style trimmers used by hobbyists to close to $40,000 for cannabis bud trimmer machines used in large scale operations. How much you spend will undoubtedly depend on the size, scope, and goals of your operation.  


  • What type of maintenance does a cannabis bud trimmer machine require? 

To keep them running smoothly, you should clean your trimmers at least once at the end of the day.  Depending on the trimmer’s quality, you may have to clean after each batch of cannabis goes through the trimmer.


  • Where will I be able to get my unit serviced? 

This is a crucial question to ask because no matter what, you will need service or part replacement for your bud trimmer at some point. Talk to the manufacturer and find out if they service their units, and if not, where they can be serviced. Also make sure to ask about their warranty details. Reputation is important here, because anyone can say they have a 10 year warranty, but if they don’t offer exceptional customer support then a warranty is worthless. 


  • Are refurbished or reconditioned cannabis or hemp bud trimmer machines a good deal? 

It depends. Like anything you buy that is pre-owned, you have to be careful. Many refurbished units were used in black or grey market operations, so may not have been properly maintained. If you are purchasing from a dealer, ask about an extended warranty option.


  • Should I buy a manual or machine bud trimmer? 

This should be an easy one. Do you want to do the dishes by hand or buy a dishwasher? If you’ve grown beyond a hobbyist and are trying to create an actual cannabis or hemp business, you’ll want the convenience and speed of a cannabis bud trimmer machine.  


  • Do regulators care what type of bud trimmer my company uses?

In a sense, they do. While the USA and most other countries do not yet  require that cannabis businesses meet Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), they likely will in the future. But even if they don’t, the industry is heading towards self-regulation in this regard. Many cultivators are getting GMP certified by 3rd parties to add an extra layer of safety and transparency to their products and operations. How does that apply to machine bud trimmers? For a facility to be  GMP certified, trimmers must produce a consistent product free of contaminants such as lubricants from the trimmer or metal shavings. Regulators are also concerned that trimmers don’t throw a lot of dust and other particles into the air. In other words, to be GMP certified requires that your trimmer puts out quality, consistent bud free of harmful byproducts. When purchasing a machine trimmer, ask if it was designed for a  GMP workflow. If not, you may want to find one that is. Learn more about GMP certification as it relates to trimming in our helpful Guide.


  • What safety features should a bud trimmer have to prevent worker injuries? 

Ask or look to see if safety protocols are in place, like a quick shut-off button and guards to keep your fingers and clothing from getting too close to moving parts. After all, an automated trimmer has spinning blades regardless of what type or size it is. Employee safety directly relates to GMP certification as well, so this is important for multiple reasons.


  • How important is it that cannabis bud trimmer machines be easy to clean?

 No matter what scale your operation is, you will be cleaning your bud trimmer after every single trim session. So easy and quick cleaning isn’t just important, it’s an absolute necessity. Most trimmers need some level of disassembly to clean properly, and you’ll want to have the right cleaning tools as well. (Learn about the best trimmer cleaning accessories here). Some large-scale trimmers can take 2-4 hours to clean after a long trim session. So you can imagine how that adds up, especially if you’re running multiple units at once. Learn about the easy cleaning features available for the Mobius M108S Trimmer.

In this ever-changing industry, we trust that we’ve provided you with the answers to the most important questions you have regarding bud trimming machines so you can make a smart choice to maximize your growth and profits. 


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