Mobius Cannabis Automation

Frequently Asked Questions

MBX Bucker

Our machines are durable and built to last, all Mobius machines come with a 1-year warranty and continued customer support and service throughout the lifetime of your equipment.

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M108S Trimmer

66 – 120 lbs/hr | 30 – 55 kg/hr 110 – 260 lbs/hr | 50 – 120 kg/hr
30 – 60 lbs/hr | 13 – 30 kg/hr 70 – 140 lbs/hr | 30 – 65 kg/hr

M9 Sorter

The size output of the commercial bud sorter is customizable with 9 sorting belts and adjustable spacers. The smallest buds fall through first, and the largest buds are sorted out as the belts get farther apart.

M210 Mill

Unlimited screen options give the operator full control over the grind. This paired with variable speed operation ensures that the particles are consistent no matter the desired output size.

M60 Mill

Yes. With multiple screen size options available, the M60 Mill is perfect for pre roll preparations. The mill grinds cannabis to a consistent 2mm to 3mm (or custom) particle size that is ideal for smooth, even-burning joints.

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Every cannabis conveyor has adjustable settings so you can configure your automation set up as it suits your business. Find a solution that works for your facility, which includes adjustable speed and feed rates, forward / reverse, and height adjustments.