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Frequently Asked Questions

MBX Bucker

Do Mobius machines come with a warranty?

Our machines are durable and built to last, all Mobius machines come with a 1-year warranty and continued customer support and service throughout the lifetime of your equipment.

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What safety features does the bucker include?

The MBX Bucker has a safety-first design with reverse settings to help clear stem obstructions. It is compliant with CSA guarding standards and features a glove-friendly control panel with a safety stop in operator reach.

How does the Bucker reduce the volume of waste?

The MBX is the only commercial cannabis and hemp bucker and debudder to feature an integrated stem-chipper. The stem chipper clips stalks into short pieces as you buck, reducing plant waste volume by 25-fold.

Can the Bucker be used for wet and dry bucking?

Yes. The MBX Bucker is designed for both wet and dry flower.

M108S Trimmer

What is the throughput of the M108S Trimmer?
66 – 120 lbs/hr | 30 – 55 kg/hr 110 – 260 lbs/hr | 50 – 120 kg/hr
30 – 60 lbs/hr | 13 – 30 kg/hr 70 – 140 lbs/hr | 30 – 65 kg/hr
Is the M108S Machine GMP-Compliant?

Machines themselves cannot be GMP-compliant, however, our machine was designed to be GMP-Ready and is constructed with 304 stainless steel which allows it to be integrated into GMP-certified facilities with ease.

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How many people are needed to operate the machine?

One person is required to operate the machine. One to three people may be required for quality control depending on your use case.

How do I clean the M108s?

With tool-free assembly and disassembly, cleaning is a breeze. You can also purchase a Hot Swap Kit to continue trimming without having to stop for a full cleaning.

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M9 Sorter

What size buds can the M9 sort?

The size output of the commercial bud sorter is customizable with 9 sorting belts and adjustable spacers.

What is the feed rate of the M9 Sorter?

You can feed up to 440 lbs of dry flower per hour through the machine. You can automate the process by integrating an Autofeed Conveyor to the sorter leading from the M108S Bud Trimmer.

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Is it easy to clean the M9 Sorter?

Yes. The machine features fast, tool-free removal of the belts and rollers for easy cleaning.

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What is the construction of the sorter?

The machine is stainless steel making it ready for use in GMP-compliant facilities.

M210 Mill

How does the M210 grind cannabis to a consistent particle size?

Unlimited screen options give the operator full control over the grind. This paired with variable speed operation ensures that the particles are consistent no matter the desired output size.

Does the M210 have different speed settings?

Yes. The M210 Cannabis Mill has speed adjustments ranging from 1-11. You can customize the output by changing the mill screen and speed setting.

What grind size does the M210 produce?

There are 7 standard screen options available for the Mill ranging from ultra-fine to ultra-coarse. Customize your grind for anything from pre-rolls to fresh frozen.

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Can I request custom screen sizes?

Yes, we can provide custom screen sizes for every application.

Can I use the M210 Mill for fresh frozen?

Yes. With a Coarse Chunking screen, the M210 can be used on fresh-frozen. The M210 is designed to mill the cannabis to size while keeping trichomes rich as the machine produces minimal heat during operation.

M60 Mill

Can the M60 be used for pre roll grinding?

Yes. With multiple screen size options available, the M60 Mill is perfect for pre roll preparations. The mill grinds cannabis to a consistent 2mm to 3mm (or custom) particle size that is ideal for smooth, even-burning joints.

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What is the difference between the M210 and M60 Mills?

The main difference between the two commercial grinders is the throughput capacity and their physical size. The M210 can process up to 200 lbs/hr of dry flower, while the M60 Mill has a 20 lbs/hr capacity. The M60 is a tabletop version of the larger M210, making it the perfect pre roll grinder.

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How do I clean the M60?

The mill has tool-free disassembly for fast, easy cleaning. The components of the machine are all stainless steel, and everything can be cleaned by hand or pressure washed within 10 minutes.

What size milling screens are available for the M60?

The M60 pre roll mill comes with an ultra-fine rasp screen, a medium standard milling screen, and a coarse standard milling screen. 

You can also add on additional milling screens and even custom sizes for your pre roll production needs.


What parts of the conveyor are adjustable?

Every cannabis conveyor has adjustable settings so you can configure your automation set up as it suits your business. Find a solution that works for your facility, which includes adjustable speed and feed rates, forward / reverse, and height adjustments.

What is the need for conveyors in this process?

Conveyors seamlessly transport cannabis from one stage of processing to the next and feeds product into the machines at a steady rate. This improves processing speed and output consistency for your other equipment as well.

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How do I configure the conveyors with each machine?

Conveyors can be configured inline with your machine or at a right angle. Depending on your operation size and scale, the automation line can be configured to your needs.

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What are the conveyors made of?

The cannabis conveyors are made with high-quality materials. 304 stainless steel construction with fully-encased anti-microbial food-grade polyurethane belts make the conveyors GMP-ready.