Milling for Extraction and Pre-Rolls Made Easy

Milling cannabis and hemp to a consistent particle size is critical when setting up for extraction or for use in pre-rolls. Getting flower and trim to the right size and consistency takes dedicated equipment designed for the task. Mills made for grinding other materials simply don’t do well when taking on the unique characteristics that make cannabis and hemp so special. That’s why we developed the Mobius Mill M210: one of the only purpose-built machines designed specifically for processing cannabis and hemp.

The  M210 features a milling chamber equipped with a 1/2 horsepower impeller motor. Grinding plant material against a large milling screen at reasonably slow speeds ensures the temperature in the milling chamber stays low, resulting in more consistent milled product. The machine has the capacity to mill over 110 lbs of product per hour by a single operator. 5 different milling screens with either perforated or rasp surfaces allow custom particulate size for different product applications.

Milled material is caught in the stainless-steel catch tote or a storage bin using a custom rack mount. The machine also accommodates full automation when an outfeed conveyor is used. The catch tote port connects to a standard Shop-Vac to help eliminate dust, and the FDA-approved door gasket keeps everything in the milling chamber where it belongs.


The stainless-steel design is easy to clean between batches. Simply remove the door, rotor, milling screen, and catch tote, and take them to your bay for pressure washing. Smooth internal surfaces are easy to wipe down and disinfect. Designed with operator safety in mind, the M210 has adjustable controls, an emergency stop within easy reach, and a safety interlock that shuts the machine down if the milling chamber door is opened during operation. 4 locking casters allow for easy movement and positioning and, at 28” wide, the machine easily fits though a standard doorway. Powering the machine is easy as it connects to a standard 110V outlet with only 6 amps of power draw.

The Mobius Mill M210 is one of the only continuous throughput mills designed exclusively for cannabis and hemp. It’s quickly becoming a popular favorite among producers looking to process top-quality product for extracts or pre-rolls. Add the M210 to your operation and see the difference a Mobius can make.

Seeing is believing.


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