How Fine Is Your Grind?

With the harvest season largely in the rearview mirror, now is a great time to consider next steps. For many producers, this will include milling or ‘grinding’ for pre-rolls and extracts. We’ve seen it all, from household food processors to whipper-snippers, hammer mills, and more, but nothing out there compares to the Mobius M210 Mill. Let’s take a look at the various ways an M210 can help your bottom line.

  Beat the HEAT   
First, consider the very nature of the product you’re processing. With all the care and attention paid to growing and harvesting, why subject it to heat degradation just as you’re heading to the finish line? High-RPM mill-rates generate unwanted heat which translates to damage to your product, but the M210 Mill was designed from the ground up specifically for cannabis and hemp. Because of this, the secret sauce is the low-RPM churn-rate; compared to the several-hundred RPM you’ll see with other mills, the M210 has a variable churn rate of 0-60RPM, which ensures zero heat degradation of your product. 

  PARTICLE Size Matters   
Next, let’s take a look at particle size. What’s right for a pre-roll may not be right for your extraction method. And whether the target particle size is as small as 600 microns or as large as 1/4”, you want consistency. With most mills out there, consistency is left to chance, but the rotor blades of the M210 force the product through precisely sized apertures in the screen, providing excellent consistency in particle distribution with minimal fines.  With a choice of two styles of screen (rasp and perforated) and five different aperture sizes, you can be sure you’ll always  get the particle size you need. 

Want a customized blend of different sized particles or different cultivars for your pre-rolls? The M210 offers the ability to blend your secret combination of milled product for an even mix and a predictable burn. 

  What’s Your VOLUME?   
What about throughput volume? With such a slow churn-rate, surely the M210 takes a beating on volume, right? Nope. The huge 18″ drum and 210 square-inch mill screens allow for massive, industry-leading throughputs, but its compact footprint still let it roll through standard doorways for easy deployment in your facility.  

  Stainless STEEL Construction   
All-stainless construction and a tool-free design make clean-up a snap, as the rotor, screen, and door can be removed in seconds. You can hit these parts and the drum with a pressure washer, or spray with a degreaser and wipe clean. The M210 is also GMP-ready and compliant with safety regulations across North America. This thing is built like a tank and does a wicked job for pre-rolls and every type of extraction. Visit the M210 Mill page on our website for more details, including a table of screen selection and recommended applications towards the bottom of the page.  If your business includes milling for extracts or pre-rolls, set yourself up for success with the Mobius M210 Mill.


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