Perforated-Metal Tumblers are the worst

so we created the AirThread Tension Tumbler.

What’s the worst thing about trimmer tumblers? How fragile they seem, and how easy it is to dent them? Or how about that they never seem to be perfectly round? Or what about the fact that the sheet metal they are made from, the very thing that gives them shape, is actually what inhibits the flowers from touching the blades? If you look at tumblers on today’s trimmers, they haven’t changed since the late 90s. Same concept. So we decided to start from scratch and rethink what a tumbler was supposed to do, and how it should work.


The Mobius Trimmer M108 is designed and engineered for commercial-scale cultivators that demand high performance. In the M108, every component has been custom-engineered for precision and efficiency. It’s easy to use, safer to use, easy to clean, and produces a superior product in every measurable way. Did we mention it trims 4x faster than the competition? The Mobius Trimmer M108 is the trimming solution for commercial-scale cultivators that are focused on growing their business and supercharging their harvest workflow.




Key points:
  • AirThreads allow flowers 50% greater access to blades
  • Air pressure holds perfectly cylindrical shape allowing for a much closer cut
  • Surgical-grade stainless steel threads can’t rust

The Airthread Tension Tumbler on the Mobius Trimmer M108

Increased Access to Blades

Using cables held under tension by air pressure, we increase blade access by more than 50% compared to the traditional, perforated-metal tumbler. Increased access to the blades means the product needs to spend less time in the tumbler to get the desired trim, so you trim faster and gentler. Stamped metal tumblers are limited by the thickness of the metal and how many spaces you can punch in it before it will fail. The AirThread Tension Tumbler doesn’t have these limitations.


Consistently Cylindrical Shape

Air pressure tension ensures all 36 inches of tumbler is perfectly cylindrical, which is next to impossible to achieve using sheet metal. This keeps the distance between the tumbler and the blades constant, compared to the shape variation in sheet metal tumblers. This variation causes them to lift away from the blades, creating an inconsistent trim.


Rust-proof Steel Cables

Each patent-pending AirThread Tension Tumbler is made from over 300 feet of surgical-grade, stainless steel aircraft cable- it won’t ever rust. It’s also flexible, so you don’t have to worry about denting it.

The rubber mallet you use to fix your misshapen tumbler- You’ll never need it again.

Be sure to check out the M108’s TriFlex Blade System.


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