Hand-Trimmed Quality from a Machine: How the Mobius M108S Makes it Happen

We hear it all the time: “I’d like to use a machine, but I just can’t get the hand-trimmed quality I need for my flower.”  That statement was accurate for a long time, but it’s not anymore. 

The Mobius M108S Trimmer  is the only automated cannabis trimmer on the market that can match hand-trimmed quality. 

We’ve been saying it for a couple of years now, and as more and more cultivators turn to Mobius, they’re now saying it for us: 

I think the main thing that sets the Mobius apart for us and makes it such a fantastic investment is the end result of the machine trimmed product, no other trimmer comes close and we’ve tried five trimmers from four other brands. The flower is literally ready to be packaged coming off the processing line and we’re seeing better flower/trim ratios than we’ve ever experienced. 

– Jake Brookes, Ladybug Farms

How we do it    

The dramatic jump in quality when upgrading from another trimmer to an M108S isn’t due to just a single component; it’s because of several new patented technologies not found on any other trimmers that add up to a BIG improvement. We’ll break them down below.

AirThread Tension Tumbler

One of the most striking differences between the M108S and any other trimmer is the tumbler. The AirThread Tension Tumbler is made from a single length of aircraft-grade 316 stainless steel cable over 300 feet long. It’s woven back and forth 90 times to form a 36-inches-long tube. When removed from the machine, it’s flexible, but inside the machine, it’s held under tension to create a perfect cylinder. By using cable instead of perforated sheet metal, we are able to open up the surface area of the tumbler, providing the plant material much better access to the blades. The net result is three-fold:

  1. Because of the open construction of the tumbler, the plant material needs to spend less time in the Mobius when compared with other trimmers, increasing throughputs and reducing the potential for damage or degradation to your product.
  2. Traditional stamped-metal tumblers are not perfectly cylindrical and are easily dented, which increases the distance from the blade underneath. Because the Mobius tumbler is always a perfect cylinder, it rides incredibly close to the blades underneath (less-than 30 thousandths of an inch!!), giving a nice, tight trim to your product.
  3. The fine cables are able to get into the nooks and crannies of the bud structure, allowing for a more delicate trim that follows the shape of the bud, rather than just hacking off chunks.



There are two parts of the TriFlex Blade System that contribute to a much-improved trim quality when the M108S is compared with other trimmers. 

First is the origin of the name: there are three blade cartridges underneath the tumbler, set side by side by side, whereas other trimmers have only a single blade. As your product moves through the tumbler of the M108S, there are a whopping 108 inches of cutting length, which significantly reduces the amount of time the product has to spend in the machine. This simultaneously reduces the potential for damage while increasing throughputs. 

Second, and this might be the most important point here: The shearing action of the Mobius M108S Trimmer mimics the shearing action of scissors.

If you look closely at how scissors work, the two blades actually flex against one another. That’s what creates the shearing action. (This is a big topic, and we’ve written a blog about it HERE  that takes a deeper dive). The blade cartridges in the M108S work the same way: The helical blade provides one edge, and the second edge comes from a “walking bed knife.” It’s called that because it’s a relatively thin, FLEXIBLE blade that flexes against the helical blade to create the shearing action. The pressure from the closed lid of the M108S is what “loads” the flexible bed knife and pushes it against the helical blade. Take a look in the Trim Tote—material that has gone through a Mobius looks like it’s been trimmed with shears. The cuts are straight, sharp, and clean.

ALL other throughput-style trimmers on the market today use some type of spinning blade paired with a RIGID bed knife. When adjusted perfectly, this can create a shearing action. However, it’s very finicky and difficult to dial in. In facilities using a trimmer with a traditional blade system like this, we normally see that it doesn’t actually shear like scissors—it tears or breaks the leaves off. You can see that in the quality of the trim: it will be noticeably inferior to trim that has been produced with the Mobius M108S.  

See For Yourself

You don’t have to take our word for it. Come see us in Vegas for a hands-on VIP demo. Our treat.

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