5 Essential Tools to Clean your Commercial Cannabis Trimming Machine

The Mobius Trimmer M108 is easy to clean. We’ve made sure of that. But, having the right tools to get the job done can make it even easier and faster. Here are five items that will take your cleaning from ease to breeze.

  1. Superclean – This is our degreaser of choice. It’s an excellent all-around cleaner and works wonders on cannabis resin and can be found in most auto and hardware stores. Dilute it in warm or hot water and use in your pressure sprayer or Soak ‘n Store tub (see below)  
  2. Pressure sprayer – You’ve seen these before, usually used for fertilizing or for weed killers. In the context of cleaning your commercial cannabis trimming machine, we recommend filling with your diluted cleaning detergent of choice. It’s much faster and easier than using a handheld spray bottle. A big bonus is the long spray wand. This will save your back if you are spraying equipment that has been placed at ground level for cleaning. You can purchase a 1-gallon pressure sprayer for around $10 – $20, although other sizes are available if needed. When cleaning M108 components, we recommend giving them a spray with detergent and letting them sit for 5-15 minutes before hitting them with a pressure washer.
  3. Pressure washer – You don’t NEED a pressure washer, but it will make your life a whole lot easier. Many of the components on the M108 are designed to be pressure-washed (the helical blades, the inside of the Integrated Separation System, the fan housing). Don’t cloth-wipe when you don’t have to! There are many, many pressure washer units available. For added speed and ease, go for an industrial version that has a heat/steam option.
  4. Soak ‘n Store tub – The Soak ‘n Store tub is designed to be used to soak the AirThread Tension Tumbler, helical blades, bedknives, tumbler brush, and spacer bars. You’ll take these components off the M108 first, placing them in the tub with hot water and SuperClean to soak while you work on cleaning the other components. Alternatively, as the name implies, these tubs double as storage for additional parts.
  5. Isopropyl  – After cleaning, we recommend using a diluted isopropyl solution for sanitizing.
    Note:   Isopropyl can’t be used on the AirThread Tension Tumbler, as it can weaken the ABS plastic on the end caps. 

With the Mobius Trimmer M108, we’ve solved the cleaning pain point of your harvest. But you still need the proper tools! Include these five components in your cleaning SOPs and you’ll be back online in no time.

Visit the Accessories page complete list of our recommended cleaning and storage accessories.

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